We are trying to track down some of the history of Tremorvah, our home in Boscastle (Cornwall).

There is a great document produced by North Cornwall District Council in 2007 entitled “Boscastle Conservation Area Appraisal” (link to pdf), this gives an excellent history of the development of the village and its history. The document also includes details about individual properties but, despite there being a list of “unlisted properties in Fore Street” there is no mention of Tremorvah – just a photo of the adjacent property and a bit of our wall!

The 1880s

The area shown here for the property it looks like if is still a part of the neighbouring house, Chy-men as they share a rear plot. The bottom of the garden is still shown as woodland.

This is what the main Tremorvah Land Registry entry looks like now (there is an additional plot for the land behind May Cottage).

In this image you can see it still attached to May Cottage (to the left as you look at it) and Chy My to the right. This is taken from a larger photo taken in 1894 (Francis Frith 33617) which can be seen in the Boscastle Archive. There are few photos of Tremorvah around that time as most photos are taken of Tinkers and the other cottages on the other side of the street. It doesn’t look like the “tower” at the front of the Methodist Church is there?



Before 1844 New Road didn’t exist until Thomas Avery (following his acquisition of full ownership of the Boscastle Manor estate) financed the road to improve access to the harbour from the south and west. After Henry Pige-Leschallas bought the Boscastle Manor estate in 1886 work began on the seven villas along the eastern side of New Road and the refurbishment of Lynwood. (reference)

The Early 1900s

This is the map for 1907, Tremorvah is still shown sharing a plot with the property up the hill.

Boscastle 1907


Up until 1946, Tremorvah was a part of “The Boscastle Manor Estate”, as was pretty well every property and piece of land in the area. At that time, Tremorvah was subject to an annual Midsummer rent of £50 (around £2,600 in 2023) and was rented by a Miss E.G. Price.