And the future is …

Robert Iles

Well, this time next year my state pension will finally kick in, this has caused me to take stock of what I am still doing on-line.

On 31st March 2021, after 52 years of programming and 26 years of web development, I shall be retiring from all hosting, development and support activities except for those directly related to theatre activities. What that means is that I shall no longer be offering or available to provide web, email or domain name support or hosting from that date.

Over the many years I have provided on-line support, technology has moved at a rapid pace, it continues to do so but increasingly I do not wish to follow it; I have learned and forgotten too many systems over the years and I simply don’t feel willing to keep up any more. Time to step aside, take my pension, and let the next generation take over!

I have given 14 months notice to my existing non-theatre clients which will hopefully allow them to make alternative arrangements – I am helping with those transfers but this has also been an exercise in reconnecting with old clients.

I am grateful for the work and support my clients have given me over the years and I have always tried to give cost effective advice and system builds based on my experience but it really is time to call it a day, not least so I can concentrate our own internal systems which have been untouched in over 10 years!

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