Basically, it was a great holiday only spoilt by parking in Pisa and worry about Tsarine being missing!

We covered over 3,000 miles and had little problem charging. France seems better set up but there were a lot more electric cars around, we even had to queue occasionally. Italy is not bad, so long as you stick to main roads and towns – the occasional rural charger is available but they might not be something you’d like to rely on.

On the continent, we picked up just over 729 kWh at a cost of £475 – around 65p/kWh which is good value compared to UK motorway chargers (around 79p/kWh).

Full details of all charges here … we used the ChargeMap RFID payment card for most and the Enel-X app for the rest.

Tolls, especially on the Mont Blanc tunnel, were pretty steep as we stayed largely to main roads – not that we were exclusively on big roads, sometimes we’d spend a few hours cruising roads barely two cars wide 😉