Day 17 – Terni to Milan

A day just of travelling. Up reasonably early, awoken by te crow who likes to bang on the door for an hour or so! Pack the car and set off by 09:00. Drove to the outskirts of Milan to stay at a very clean Hostel just out of town where we arrived around 17:40 after covering over 330 miles.

Hot most of the way but we did run into a lot of rain. Four planned stops were kept to but we always topped up more than ChargeMap suggested as it appears to have a strange algorithm, sometimes calling for charges as short as 8 minutes! On a couple of the stops the ChargeMap card didn’t work but the Enel-X app came to our rescue. First stop we took to 90%, then 86% at the next followed by 97% at the last two. SOme of the machines cut out at 95% or 97% and wont go any higher.

One of the stops was more of a truck stop so we didn’t stay too long but the rest were excellent service stations with good food and coffee!