Day 18 – Milan to Bourge

Started off early as we had 430 miles to do and quite a few charge stops planned. In the end we went further due to a detour and we often found ourselves outside the normal Autostrada type road on touts barely more than tracks – still, it was interesting to watch the terrain change from Milan to the Alps, Mont Blanc, then the plains of France – almost all done in the rain. I have to say, the tolls today were heavy, especially the Mont Blanc tunnel.

As we started with more than we planned (plan was 60%, actual was 90%) we skipped the first charge and drove through to the second for breakfast. Arrived at 9:40 and took the car from 36% to 90% – as the heat is out of the days now we are getting 3.9 miles/KWh which is better. The first charger at this location didn’t work but the second one did.

Our next stop, lunch, was on the autostrada and we still had 70% when we arrived. We had a good lunch and took it to 97% before leaving. After that we went down to 65% and despite there being neither phone signal nor internet we waited till we were at 94% before leaving. Coffee was from machines, snacks were great but no “meals”. One charger was taped off and the rest were full when we left.

Our final stop, 41 miles from the hotel, was literally in the middle of nowhere. Three out of the four charge points didn’t work, not just for us but for others who arrived. The one we got working (160KW) took us from 31% to 84% before we decided to move on and give the next person a chance. For some reason, Chargemap wouldn’t let review that one!

Staying at an F1 Hotel tonight, more a crash pad than a “hotel” but all we needed.

In other news, I got flashed by a peed camera and TSARINE IS HOME!!