Web Development in Somerset

The Ooh! CollectionLooking for a web developer in Weston-super-Mare, Bristol or Somerset?

Need someone with experience who will help your business on-line?

From taking over an existing html site to advanced custom ecommerce I have the business and web experience to help. With over 20 years working on large and small websites I know what makes a site work for your business whilst remaining maintainable and extensible in the future – many of my clients have been with me over ten years!

clivenicolsWhy not check out my portfolio, or my testimonials (people say the nicest things!) or, if you have the time, browse how over 45 years as a programmer and over 20 years on the web can help to meet your needs in a range of ways.

N.B. you don’t have to be in Somerset … I have clients in London, Oxfordshire, Kent and even France!