Day 19 – Bourge to Roscoff

Over 395 miles in sun and driving rain – what a day! While=st we are still t around 3.9 miles to the KW and we’re getting up to 73KW as a recharge speed we are seeing some odd usage. Nothing unnerving but not as predicted – sometimes over and mostly under.

We started at 7:25 with 64% and our first stop at 08:00 was at 48%. It took 40 minutes to get us back to 90% but we were having breakfast so it didn’t matter too much. Our second stop, at 10:50, found us with 33% at a charging area with 6 chargers but a queue! As we move north we find more and more people charging. The wait wasn’t long but it meant we had to wait to start.

Leaving that place with 87% (trying not to block a charger) we went to our third stop. At 13:05 we started a charge from 45% to 85% before setting off again. Not a great stop but we needed the energy. At our next stop we arrived with only 27% (15:30) which was the lowest we reached this holiday.

The first charger failed twice, claiming an error in the car. The second charger we tried worked fine and took us to 97% before it stopped so that we could get to Roscoff with 73% left. We had to find a public parking place (which had a 22KW charger not in ChargeMap) and the parking meter was difficult but we eventually settled in to the hotel.

A meal out, wine and a film in our room. All good.