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Web Development & Consultancy
‘RMJI’ because those are my initials and ‘0ld’ because I am a very old experienced On-Line Developer

Please note: I am no longer taking on new clients as retirement is happening!

Working in Weston-super-Mare, Somerset, but with clients across the South of England, I have had over 20 years on-line experience providing web development and support for companies large and small.

Elizabeth-RoseDeveloping both directly for clients and acting as a technical arm for designers, small agencies and other developers who need a little more muscle, I have prided myself on providing the right solution for each individual and not just giving you the same-old-same-old.

I always saw web development as a long-term relationship, many of my clients had been with me for over ten years, some even as long as twenty! Even though some only contacted me once every few months for a small bit of help I was always there to provide advice, changes, development, upgrades or even just fix a typo or talk them through making their own changes.

Anne Veck HairI often worked by myself as a full-service developer but also regularly as part of a small ad hoc team involving designers and marketing experts either from my own little black book or as part of my clients’ original team, turning their ideas into functional, maintainable, effective websites.

As of 2021 I will be only working on theatre-related database and web projects and will not be taking on new clients.