Day 16 – Terni

Our last full day of just holiday, but we still decided to het up late and have a leisurely breakfast on the patio overlooking the valley.

Once ready we went out to see the Marmore falls, built originally by the Romans in around 260BC and the tallest man-made falls in the World. You can see the top if them from our patio, a bit confusing as they seemed pathetic till we read that they only run for a couple of hours a day as the rest of the time the water drives a hydroelectric station! It is hard to represent such a beautiful area in simple photos or videos.

Getting around the waterfall requires a lot of hiking. We parked at the top and walked down through route 1 and 2, going to the second level – some 700 steps and 1.2km down … and back! Hot day so it was quite exhausting though at the level we went down to you get very wet watching the water. Lunch at the top of the waterfall and then into Terni to have a look around (very industrial) and top up the car, taking it back up to 97% before returning to the apartment.

Had a nice doze and packed for the next day … in fact for the rest of the journey home. Had a walk around the rather poorly maintained park of statues by Aurelio de Felice, which was just behind the apartment. Then we went out to a local restaurant for an early dinner, returning in the dark with 88% for a last drink on the patio.

While we sat on the patio we heard some loud drumming and trumpets from the village. It sounded like a rehearsal and we listened for a while until it took a better form then walked down and watched. A fabulous drum and trumpet band was practicing their marching display in the square – although the trumpet players had left we watched a 10 minute display that showed great skill and dedication from the young troupe. Excellent.

The road up to the apartment was crazy. Vert steep, extremely narrow, unlit and with hairpin bends that required 3-point turns.