Day 15 – Matera to Terni

Checked out after breakfast and got a taxi back to where the car was parked in a secure centre. Felt good to be back on the road and turning our bonnet northwards.

As we’d been able to park with 95% we skipped the first planned charge and headed straight out. Our first stop was a service station, arrived with 37% to find the chargers refusing our card … called support to be told that the entire Free-to-x fast network was down and would be back “in 30 to 40 minutes” … they were turning it off and on again 🤣 While planning an alternate we decided to try the slower 60KW charger, and that worked … so we had a coffee while it charged to 90%. Before leaving we rechecked the fast chargers and they were back on-line.

Our next stop was also on an autostrada and was planned to get us to our destination, taking us from 78% to 97%. Setting off we had plenty of spare to cover the distance but the cloud cover disappeared and made the a/c work a lot harder.

Although we could probably have made it to Terni, we decided at 29% to vere off to Contigliano and top up. There are very few chargers around here and they are almost all in big towns. It pays to plan as there are large areas with no charging capability at all. Anything of 60KW or above is effectively a full speed charge for our MG.

The last part of our journey was on roads little better than mountain tracks – they made our tiny Cornish roads look like well maintained motorways! Several of the corners we had to take involved 3 point turns, some of the slipes were ridiculous and having to reverse 100m in a path slightly narrower than your wing mirrors can be less than fun … but we got to our accommodation.

The place has amazing views but a design that places form way above function… it sleeps 3 but only has 2 sets of cutlery for example and the light switches are unfathomable. Worse was to come, when trying to get wifi, as advertised, we were told that they were changing suppliers and there was no Internet at all “but you can watch tv”, “its an internet tv”, “oh yes, sorry” … we work when on holiday so always, always check there is good connectivity before booking! Furious ….