Globe to Globe Festival

The Shakespeare’s Globe has welcomed artists from all over the world to perform in the hugely ambitious multi-lingual Globe to Globe Festival as part of the London 2012 Festival. For the first time ever, 37 international companies performed all 37 of Shakespeare’s plays in 37 different languages.

Over 85,000 tickets were sold, many people taking advantage of multiple ticket offers to come back again and again to enjoy the enormous variety on stage. There were nearly 4,000 bookings for multiple shows from over 77 countries, and over 36,000 theatre-goers saw a production for only £5 with 117 people running the theatrical marathon of seeing every production for £100 with the Matinee Yard Olympian.

Globe to Globe presented 14 world premieres in addition to the many productions created especially for the festival. In a herculean feat of logistics, the Festival Director Tom Bird and his team brought 37 visiting companies, many of the world’s greatest directors and over 600 actors from across the globe to Shakespeare’s Globe. Companies received a warm welcome followed by a break-neck 3-day schedule of rehearsal, technical rehearsal, and two performances on consecutive days, an equally warm send off, then home.

Globe to Globe was part of the World Shakespeare Festival for the London 2012 Festival, the cultural celebrations for the Olympic and Paralympic Games