Another no-show day for the Sharks

Last Friday we went back to Padstow (more on that elsewhere) to go out cage diving with the blue sharks. Yes, there’s plenty of sharks in British waters (would be more if we hadn’t pretty well hunted them to extinction) and there is emerging eco-tourism, driven by Richard Pierce, to make sure we all know about it.

We went on the same trip last year, in a small fishing boat called Blue Fox which bobbed around like a manic cork and left me seasick for hours – and no shark sightings. This year, we were pleased to see that an alternate boat, the Ocean Diver, would be used; a larger, catamaran with an on-board toilet and even a cabin! Great, we thought, but this year the waves were even higher, in fact you had to look upwards to see the tops sometimes, so we called a halt to the trip.

Better luck next time I guess …