In Hot Water …

outside_210409Yes, last night the new boiler got commissioned and for the first time in several days we had hot water and for the first time in several weeks we had reliable hot water without having to re-light the boiler and top-up from a baby burco! Ok, so today the system is off to allow the plumber to change the radiator valves and flush the gunk and muck from the system, btu we know it works and will be back on tonight – one half day before the guests arrive!

Also yesterday, the final window was put in and the windows and doors got their real glass, complete with cat flap – though due to the changes in floor levels this is very high off the ground at the moment!

With the glass all in it looks so light and airy … really lovely … gonna be fab … today is apparently about completing the interior walls and getting the plaster on – we can paint at the weekend – oh wait, we’re at our daughter’s wedding! Oh well, we can paint after 😉

And finally the builder has asked for some money … can’t believe he went this long, what an honest and respectable man! Anyone looking for a builder in WsM drop a comment here and I will happily name either of the two we’ve had .. a good builder is a wonderful thing!