Next project …

Having got the kitchen done we’re now setting about the garden …

Prior to doing the kitchen we had no windows downstairs that looked over the garden, so it tended to get forgotten .. now we have a big picture window and so can see the “big picture” and realise that our garden ain’t pretty ;-(

We also have the problem that raising the kitchen floors has meant a 50cm drop from the door to the ground – too much for us, unsafe for my mother and a real bind for the cats!

And so … decking is in order, lots of it! We are going to deck all down the side of the house and round to under the kitchen window and out as far as the lawn. We’ve already started stripping all the plants from the garden and so next monday we have

a) all the decking stuff arriving in “kit” form … I am putting together two “raised decking kits” to make the space we need

b) getting a landscpaer in to kill the lawn prior to laying a new one

Knock on jobs will include painting the outside … oh yes, and today the council took away all the dead white-goods and tv that we had in the garden … and Mum has bought us some really beautiful roses for the new area.

Keep an eye out for project photos!