did someone piss off St Swithin?

Still raining, hence the lack of posts – whilst it rains I might as well work, work is not interesting for blogging purposes!

But some stuff has happened …

We tried the new Bar VII Grill in W-s-M and very nice it was too, so quiet at Sunday lunch but largely because they don’t have a lunchtime menu – they even had to send round the corner for a chef when we ordered a starter and cheeseboard! But nice place, hope it survives …

Meanwhile, round the corner, Sands appears to have moved from nightclub to amusement arcade and cafe but they had a lovely looking pig-in-a-bun stall outside … very tempting.

I think that the steam fair is moving back in and the sand sculptures are now open … if only the sun would shine it’d be fantastic!

At home we have pretty well finished the garden and the new lawn is fab but we have yet to enjoy it as it is far too wet out there ;-(