What to do about Toblerone?

It’s a tricky one, because I really love Toblerone, but the Kraft take over of Cadbury really frustrated me and their decision, within 8 days, to close the Somerset Cadbury factory was deeply annoying. I mean, in a take-over this size are we really supposed to believe that they didn’t know how far advanced the Polish factory was when they handed over all that dosh? If they didn’t, perhaps they shouldn’t be allowed to spend that sort of money!

So, the question remains, do I boycott Kraft products including Toblerone to make a point? Do I now boycott Cadbury products? Difficult decision … eek, will Cadbury World become Kraft World? An instant cheese-related theme park?!

Whilst I’m on the rant, I shall be boycotting the Tesco’s being built in Severn Road … we simply do NOT need it there as its directly opposite a perfectly good Co-Op and it will take business away from the local shops – we have already lost so many local shops in that area, gone forever … I shall still use Tesco, any one of the other 3 or so in Weston-super-Mare withing walking distance of each other .. but I will not give them the pleasure of using the new one … not when there’s perfectly good shopping already in place that needs local support.

Flame off …