Arts Archive searchable on the move

The UKTW app for Android has been updated to include complete searching of the UKTW archive (formerly Arts Archive) of over 1 million performing arts records going back to the mid-1990s.

The archive currently includes around; 3,000 venues, 135,000 productions of 95,000 works mentioning 148,000 people, groups and companies in 804,000 listings. And its now searchable via the Android App as well as on-line at UKTW.

So, want to know what productions there have been of “Carousel” or what “Gene David Kirk” has been doing then you can now search directly in the UKTW App. You could already find out all previous shows at a venue but now the Archive Search has been completed you can search for the title of a work/production or the name of a person/group and see what archive entries they have – just like you can on UKTW/Archive itself.

No more scratching your head trying to remember!