Cautiously optimistic

Well, I shall never count SEO chickens, but, the September 18th Panda update (3.92 in old SELand terms, 19 in new) appears to have caused Google to assesses its opinion of our site and decide that its not so bad after all. Like I say, nothing is particularly certain in search engines anymore, which is why I have waited a while before commenting, but so far so good. Sometime about the middle of this month there will be another update … I wonder if we’ll hold our gains?

Meanwhile, Google has been improving the quality of traffic it delivers to us with a 4 percentage point improvement in “goal” completions … the 21% that Google achieves is still way below Bing (43%), Yahoo (41%) and referrals (70%), but its better than it was and I care more about traffic quality than traffic numbers 😉