SeatPlan was created by theatre experts to reveal genuine theatregoers’ seat experiences in a clear, easy-to-use format. Managing Editor Tim Sullivan, a 6’7” American knows uncomfortable seats all too well, said, “Anyone who’s had a night at the theatre ruined by cramped knees, a pillar blocking the stage, or having to lean forward over a safety railing needs Seat Plan.”

Theatregoers can read in-depth guides written by Seat Plan’s team of professional theatre gurus as well as reviews of individual seats. After seeing a show, users can post their own reviews and comment on the seat’s view, legroom, and comfort. Top reviewers will move up the site’s leaderboard, affirming their expert status. With more than 49,000 seats already listed, the site aims to provide the most comprehensive theatre seating guide in London.

The site launches officially on 9th Jan 2013 but is available now …