Panda 4

Apparently, Google’s Panda 4.0 starts rolling out today … gosh, I wonder what this will bring? Matt Cutts from Google recently told us that the this generation of Panda would be more friendly to small businesses. – well, we’re a small business, providing an usp in a marketplace dominated by big businesses and me-too affiliates … we will have to wait and see!

Recently our traffic has been going down, but not massively, but the real concern is that the conversion rate has also dipped; from all search engines. This means that, not only are we getting less traffic but that traffic is less and less interested in what we do – as we haven’t changed (and nor have users, well, not massively) then either (a) someone is doing a lot better at our expense of (b) search engines are delivering us the wrong traffic! In the case of (a) well, despite being active in the market I haven’t heard of this site so I’m not sure it exists and in the case of (b) poo to you Google, Bing and Yahoo đŸ˜‰

For my own searches, I have switched to Bing and am getting more useful stuff than I used to, sorry Google …

Meanwhile, targeted ads derived from search info are driving me buts. I have a holiday apartment and I maintain its website, now all the banner ads seem to try to sell me my own apartment! I search for a Synology system and bought it, now I get masses of Synology banner ads – what’s up Google, do you think your search is so bad that it never answers my needs? If I search for a product then I will either buy it or decide I don;t want it … either way, the last thing I need is a slew of banner ads reminding me!!