Thank you Samsung


If you’re going to complain about poor customer service then it is only fair to praise good service. And so I hereby praise Samsung for their support with hooking up my soundbar and TV. I still think it was a pain to get my support request noticed but once it was … well done them!

After an initial flurry of ideas from them by email, and my responses with “if I do that then this happens” I got a call from their support people, a very polite woman who asked if I had the time to help them sort it out. I did and went to stand in front of my TV whilst she talked me through each and every cable and setting … and lo and behold, within a few minutes it was working as advertised!

So, perhaps I have been right to choose Samsung for phones, tablet, TV and sound as their support, once triggered, is brilliant. A lesson for them though – get the manual right in the first place and your support load will be reduced – I have a degree in electronics and read every page of the manuals on and off line … it still had me head scratching!

The key? Connect HDMI-1 (ARC) on the TV to the HDMI (OUT) on the soundbar woofer … job done!