SeatChoice goes mad in Athens

Well, not mad perhaps but a bit loopy ūüėČ

Got here last night and walked down to Constitution Square for a meal – not quite as bustling and exciting as it is mid-summer but had a beer and a souvlakia and a good look around. Felt like summer to us over from a freezing UK to balmy 12 degrees … light jackets were all that were required!

Yes, Fran and I will be updating SeatChoice whilst we’re here so have no fear.

Went out again today, sunny and bright, whilst waiting for conference (ETT09) registration to open – found ourselves a couple of¬†supermarkets to stock up on essentials for the room (Hilton Athens¬†prices are a bit of a shock now the Euro/Pound rate is so¬†poor!) …

Reminded me I’m getting old … why? Well, my mind now gets all tied up thinking about¬†odd things, like litter, graffiti and road repair! The metro here is beautiful, no litter, no graffitti, art installations on the statiuons undamaged, TV on every platform … why can’t we¬†do that at TFL? Obvious really, we’re incapable of having nice things without breaking them … so thank you to the mindless morons of the UK that prevent our world looking good – I’m sure they’re¬†proud of their achievements. Of course, the streets¬†here DO have litter and graffiti, just like home, but here there are holes in the pavements, missing slabs, gaps and all sorts – no one sues, no one actually seems to fall over and if they did then I’m sure they’d just be embarrassed that they’d been so foolish. Just like we used to. Shame huh.

Anyway, back to the real world .. I can see the Parthenon from our balcony, I’ve had to take my jacket off to keep cool and the conference is about to start … more later!