And so to stage

PS @ Jermyn Street Theatre

With the successful, if short, run of “The Parallel of Paul” now over our theatrical minds turn to other endeavours …

Coming up in London are two shows that SeatChoice is supporting

TRUMBO with Corin Redgrave and Nick Waring at the Jermyn Street Theatre .. only 10 performances and only a small theatre so you’d better book quickly – I think it is going to be a very powerful evening. In 1947, 2 Hollywood directors, 1 producer and 7 writers resisted the inquisition of the House Committee of UnAmerican Activities. Collectively known as the Hollywood Ten, they were charged with contempt of Congress and jailed. Trumbo is an account, by his son, of one of the most prominent of these blacklisted artists, the screenwriter Dalton Trumbo created using his father’s letters and diaries.

ps@Jermyn Street Theatre, a new late night cabaret, first one on 12th March at 10:45 (late bar) with Rosie Ashe … the purpose of these new cabaret dates is entertain and to allow established artists to bring to the stage a new talent they feel deserves our attention. Rosie trained at the Royal Academy of Music and the London Opera Centre. Her West End credits include: ‘Madame Thenardier’ in LES MISERABLES (Palace Theatre), ‘Carlotta’ in the original cast of THE PHANTOM OF THE OPERA (Her Majesty’s), ‘Miss Andrew’ in MARY POPPINS (Prince Edward), ‘Hortense’ in THE BOYFRIEND (Albery), FORBIDDEN BROADWAY (Fortune) and ‘Widow Corney’ in OLIVER! (London Palladium).

And then there’s The Blakehay … come early April we’ll be putting on “A Semblance of Madness” .. a play I have seen done badly quite a few times … we will not be doing it badly 😉