Selsey weekend

We just had our annual Selsey weekend … Flat Four at their social best. As usual Fran and I went down early friday to have a dive under the Lifeboat Station but we got their at high tide, spring tide, dangerous current so just topped up our tanks at the ever friendly Mulberry Divers – possibly our fav dive shop!

The weather was mostly ok, friends started arriving and we had a luxury afternoon cream tea with cakes etc that we all brought – that started the indulgence which was followed by a chilli. Cooked breakfast the next day was followed by the annual Selsey Shopping Challenge – to save time and money we don’ all buy each other birthday presents but do an annual single present to someone drawn from a hat – the present is always bought in Selsy on this day with a maximum price this year of £15 … quite a challenge!

Good lunch then fish pie for the evening, weather not great. Sunday was a good breakfast and then Fran and I went for our delayed dive only to be thwarted by dreadful visability – quite the worst. Shame, it’s a great dive. So a short walk, a couple of roun ds of croquet and a BBQ before coming home.