Shrinking violet

I clearly either don’t make enough noise or don’t know how to make the right kind of noise! Yesterday was launched, a website that allows playwrights to publish their own plays on-line and their claim is that they are the first.

Excellent, this is a really great idea, such a good idea in fact that I launched just such a site back in 2004 under the name (a.k.a. So how come, in their pre-development research, the people didn’t notice my existence … unless, of course, funding was only available for a “first” – but that is surely too cynical 😉

ScriptCircle allows writers to both upload and promote plays and to set charges for download, print and performance. Performance licences can be obtained, paid for and checked on-line and ScriptCircle only takes 15%, from which VAT and PayPal charges are met.

It may not be the prettiest site in town but it has over 360 plays in it, the site has been advertised in AS Magazine (formerly Amateur Stage) monthly for over 5 years – we’re on page one of google for “one-act scripts”, “play scripts” and “full length scripts” and are on UK Theatre Web, the UK’s oldest theatre information site – so we shouldn’t have been too hard to find ..

Mind you, the BIG (and I mean BIG) advantage of is that you can post directly through to the Bush Theatre … now that’s a real plus. I genuinely wish them well … but they weren’t the first 😉