Feedback to some suppliers

Dear Dell … I see you’re number eight in the Top 15 Hated US Companies … perhaps a little harsh 😉 Anyway, you did finally send TNT to collect the modem you delivered after I cancelled it. I got a call the  day afterwards telling me TNT were coming, back in December you told me they were coming and they didn’t. Not quite on the ball.

Lloyds/TSB … I said I’d leave and now I am. I’m leaving because you honoured a cheque I cancelled nearly a year ago and then tried to charge me for being overdrawn. Good joke. The main reason though is that after all the years I have yet to be able to login to your on-line banking … and after three phone calls the ever-promised password reset form has never ever been sent to me.

The Original Gift Company … I wanted a watch, personalised, for a Christmas present. I ordered it on-line on 31st Oct but the website wouldn’t let me enter the personalisation so I emailed them same day – even though it was a Sunday it was apparently too late to stop the unpersonalised watch being delivered – but they said I should just return it as they’d ordered me the right one. Far be it from me to doubt them but the un-personalised one took another three 233ks to get to me so I think they could have stopped it if they’d tried … a tortoise could have overtaken it on the road. Anyway, Christmas approached and still no watch. I was told it had been despatched on 10th Dec and then I was told it was being prepared for despatch on 17th … both can not be true now can they? In the end it didn’t arrive so we had to buy another watch as a present on Christmas Eve. So last week I told them not to bother delivering it, too late they said, already done … just return it when it arrives. Ok. Today they tell me it has been delayed and wont be despatched till 11th Jan! “Allow 21 days for delivery” should perhaps read “Allow 3 months for delivery”! I have lost count how many times this watch has “been despatched” without actually “being despatched”. I am now off their mailing list, I hope.

Customer Care? There isn’t much …

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  1. Still no watch from The Original Gift Company …. and now its the end of Jan … great Christmas present delivery

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