Walking Underwater

Just asked Google maps the route from BS23 4DG to PO16 8NE … not bad, got a fast route, then spotted the “Walking” option and tried that .. crazy! It takes me via Guernsey although it does offer an alternate via Cherbourg! Curiously the third option is via the A36, a perfectly straight walk … hee hee

Tried to do our first dive of the season yesterday but were hit by the need to get regulators serviced (uncontrollable free flow on two), the need to get the tanks back into test and the need to hire a weezle. Still, we were around to watch 5000 new fish flee into the depths of Vobster. Fun!


  1. So which option are you going for?

  2. Think I’ll drive … still a bit odd heading north to go south but about 1.5 days faster than walking 😉

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