Weston falling behind?

Today’s announcement that the new Grand Pier is likely to open in August instead of July is a bit of a blow … but there are up-sides to it; I am more likely to be around in August, the Council will be nearer to completing all the works around the area and there’s a bank holiday!

So in all, it’s not too bad. The new seafront looks splendid, the benches are beautiful, the arch a bit barking and once the lawns are re-laid it will be quite stunning … until the vandals. By vandals I might be refering to brainless drunken louts who smash the place up for “fun” (some of whom win Darwin awards for then either taking a midnight swim or strolling across the sands while the tide comes in!) or I might be talking about the council who having finished everything will then have it all broken again to (a) do the Tropicana (please, please make it just an all-weather pool), (b) replace the Tourist Information office with a restaurant (gosh we need more of those!) and (c) replace the old OceanView cafe with a two story hideous monstrosity that no one will be able to run because of the ludicrous rent they want …

Well, that’s my opinioin anyway 😉