I, Android

Yep, my Windows Mobile phone (HTC Touch 3G) has now been sold (¬£30) and replaced with a brand, spanking, shiny and new Samsung Galaxy S … Adroid is just so much better than WinMob!

I have to say, this is a fabulous phone … I am really no fan on iPhone or anything Apple (it is a mindset thing) so I wasn’t going to go down that route, and with phones like this running Android who needs iPhone ūüėČ Ok, so every corner shop sells cheap iPhone accessories, every sound system has iPhone adaptors, does this make it better? Being pretty and fashionable doesn’t make you good does it (if so I luck out all round!).

Transferring was easy, I had to scratch my head over pwi (Pocket Word) files held as notes on the HTC but then realised that they were synched as notes to Outlook so I could read them there and cut and paste them into plain text files … getting all my sms across was pretty easy with a¬†couple of downloads¬†and then there’s the annoyance of Samsung’s Keis software (the PC side of it all) which kind of works ok but seems to get in the way a lot!

Now, just get a few good apps, set up a back-up, download a few books to read and I’m away …