No more aching back at the Woman in Black

Fortune Theatre's new seatsIn a rare piece of good news for audience comfort, the Ambassador Theatre Group Ltd (ATG), owners of 39 West End and provincial theatres in the UK, have announced the installation of new ergonomic ProBax seats at the Fortune Theatre in London, home for many years to The Woman in Black. The new award-winning ProBax seats will eventually be rolled out across ATG’s venues throughout the UK which is good news for audiences.

“There is a slight add-on cost for the technology but we felt the dramatic increase in comfort was worth it for our customers,” said David Blyth of ATG, “as a trade off the ProBax seat cushions last longer resulting in less frequent re-fits and theatre downtime”.

The seats are made for ATG by Kirwin & Simpson of Essex and contain the innovative ProBax technology, secured under licence from NuBax Limited of Weybridge, Surrey. The ProBax technology is already available in Lotus cars, office, conference and healthcare seating and uses dual density foams to encourage an anatomically correct posture in the seat occupant, removing the slumped posture often seen in foam-based seats.

I guess that watching theatre should no longer be a pain in either the neck or the backside 😉