The Great Content Gathers Links Myth

I have been answering some more questions on Webmaster Forum, and asking a few … I keep seeing people say that links to your site are important (perhaps less than they were) and that if you create great content people will link to it – no, they wont!

Actually, having great content doesn’t mean you will get good links and lots of shares – I know Google thinks it does but its not universally true, it depends on the topic area – if people wont need to come back often then they’re unlikely to link and they wont share unless they want to keep up with your news and think they’re friends might want to keep in touch with you. I shall not be sharing links to recently used funeral services, great sites for those with exotic diseases or indeed a million and one other things. I search for, find and use hundreds of sites each week, the vast majority of them are informative and useful AT THE TIME … I have been doing this pretty well every working day since 1994 … I have actually created public links to, perhaps, a couple of dozen sites in that time … and compared to all the users I know, I’m prolific!