A more mellow Panda?

Looks like the Panda got a bit of a make-over, or, as Google always put it, was subject to the 500 or so algorithmic changes that they make each year. A recent post or two has made it clear that they have been monitoring the reactions on the Webmaster Forum (where I can be found lurking from time to time) and, despite the fact that most of the Bionic Posters seem to think the problem is 99% the fault of webmasters, Google has clearly made some changes. Good for them.

Of course, it is hard to know what actual effect the Panda changes had this time as my sites have undergone quite massive rebuilds, redesigns and checks since the last time the Panda strolled by but it would seem that we might be on its good side now … depends if its just run or just about to run!

Mind you, though traffic has grown very recently (fingers crossed it keep growing) its still much less than it was and, worse still, the changes in traffic and in the website content that I have had to create to keep the Panda’s interest mean¬† that this traffic is not anywhere near so lucrative …. Still, if I can get good traffic because its a good site I should, hopefully, be able to monetise that again … we shall see