Panda is back

Well, that explains a few things. Traffic dropped off a lot at the end of last week and I put it down to us having a really sunny weekend – fewer people want to go into a theatre when its so lovely outside, especially when its the first really hot weekend of the year. Fair enough.

But I did think that the drop was quite substantial, so I was not surprised when I read today that the latest Google Panda update is rolling out. Apparently they tweeted the fact on 23rd March but I picked it up in the excellent SearchEngineLand

I had noticed the the continuous increase in traffic which started back in November when we switched back to UKTW had sort of levelled out and started to sag a bit a couple of weeks ago which I put down, in part, to the Panda update around the end of Feb as well as seasonal factors, bit this latest drop is quite significant.

When I said “I was not surprised” that does not mean I was not disappointed. I was. I am. 

I am because I put in a lot of work and was starting to make headway back to some sense of normality. now it looks like something has changed again at Panda HQ and we’re all guessing again …