Panda update

Google rolls out another Panda data refresh tonight and apparently only 1% of sites should notice. I should feel special  as I always seem to be in that small group of affected sites – but I always seem to be the one being kicked.

I have been through all of the “how to be a good site” advice Google puts out and I am.. but Google prefers thin affiliate sites to mine… ahh well. increasingly I avoid searching on Google anyway  as it gets fixated on a few sites .. ten results listing only two or three domains is not uncommon .. and Google often thinks it knows what I mean better than I do .. thanks for fixing my searches to show what you want instead of what I asked for 🙂

As for clicking on a Google ad … don’t  get me started .. once, just once, I clicked  on a hot tub advert .. now it seems like every website can only show me hot tub ads … really? Do you think that’s clever? Or effective?

Well, in a couple  of days I will know what the latest Panda damage is… I’m  not hopeful of a recovery.. still, the ‘good’ thing is that nowadays I get so little Google  traffic that a further downturn can hardly do much harm 🙂