Some good, some bad

Well, the good is that Google Panda roamed around on 19th August and we got a very slight uplift … well, its better than a Panda slap … apparently, according to Google, Panda updates will now be more regular and “smoother” so there should be fewer massive rises and falls from this strange creature. Unfortunately, Google have also said that future Penguin updates will have more of a “jolt” to them … still, I’m not sure we’re wildly affected by that. Well be interesting to see how the Copyright infringement penalties kick in though 😉 We get most of our news from the excellent Search Engine Land.

Meanwhile, after a beautiful week in our new holiday let at Fistral Beach, I came home to find that I had stupidly left my laptop power supply in Newquay. No problem, I thought, so I rushed to PC World as soon as it opened this morning and looked through the replacement options – in the end I decided on a Logik LNP90WD … 90w laptop power supply, compatible with Dell but also with adaptors for a whole range of laptops – seemed like a good thing to have in as a spare anyway so I bought it – shame that its £20 more in store than on-line but I needed it immediately. Got it home, plugged it in, laptop decided it was not a recognised power supply and so refused to charge the battery. Checked the box “keep your laptop charged” it said, well, it doesn’t. “Compatible” it said, well it isn’t. I can run my laptop on it but the battery will not charge at all … thanks Logik.

Ahh well, back to work, a week’s worth of email to catch up on but War Horse tomorrow and Lion King next week… hoorah!

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  1. The reason that the power supply failed to “work” was that my laptop kept saying “please plug in a 90W power supply” when what it should have said was “please plug in a 120W power supply” … a none too subtle difference. Bad Dell lying to me like that all the time. A 90W power supply does allow the laptop to run as if it was on battery, without discharging the battery any more, but it wont recharge the battery at all.

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