Lycos Woes

I recently got notified about the Lycos shutdown … perhaps I should have known btu I don’t have a Lycos account so why would I … except that some of my domains were registered by a colleague who does!

So, once I realised the importance of the move I found myself with 10 days to move 42 domains from Lycos to “elsewhere” … my chosen destination being 123-reg as I have some hundred domains there already and find them generally reliable and helpful.

On-line I go, unlock each domain, record all domains DNS settings, set-up the trasnfers, respond to SRS for all .eu domains, request IPS-TAG changes for all and authority codes for all .com, .info etc. And then it all goes quiet.

I phone Lycos, “oh yes, we will do the IPS TAG changes”, “when?”, “by or on 28th” .. that is the day they turn off their dns service! Great. Thanks guys.

So, I decide to set up temporary dns for the critical domains and kick off, at Lycos, a change of nameservers to my own cluster … 24 hours later they still haven’t actioned my request … 24 hours later  I have 42 pending transfers but nothing actually happening.

Meanwhile I am trying to renew a wildcard multi-server SSL certificate … why, after 5 years of owning this certificate, do they NOW decide to delay me with an owner validation?

I have been managing networked servers since the early 80s when it was just something you did in the background, occasionally … as the world has become more complex (as we have MADE it more complex?) I find that it becomes more of a full-time job …