Three Reviews of Rain

Just got back to Weston-super-Mare after seeing Three Days of Rain, will probably do a full review of the play on UK Theatre Web later but meantime here’s three quick reviews

1) The Theatre … way too hot, I mean sweltering, especially in the Upper Circle, quite uncomfortable. Drinks not too bad (Pinot Grigio £5, water £2), programme quite good (£3), ferw female toilets as usual … cloakroom cheap but in hte basement so had to fight down from Upper Circle against the crowds …

2) The Audience … quite full and reasonably appreciative but many simply do not understand theatregoing … “turn your mobile off” means TURN IT OFF, it does not mean stick it on silent and text … a woman two rows in front did this throughout the first act so her face and the two rows behind were bathed in the bright white light of her screen – she also popped out during both the first and second act and chatted to her husband … to all, please note that in heavily raked circle seating if you lean forward then no one behind you can see ANYTHING … if you chat to your neighbour we cannot hear properly, if you explian the plot out loud you are an idiot … this is NOT your living room and the big picture in front of you is not a wide-screen T, nor are the actors recorded!

3) The play … definitely one of two halves, and I prefered the second … Fran thought it a shouty American drama and she wasn’t wrong but I enjoyed it

We got a meal deal (2 courses at the Hampshire Bar and Restaurant) through SeatChoice – a good deal ..