Been Away

The lack of recent posts has been caused by us going on holiday!

Just before we went we were doing a play at The Blakehay, actually three short plays and some readings all under the title “Here Come the Girls” – one of three productions in the UK with that title at the moment (one of the otehrs was on at the Playhose at the same time!) … reasonable turn out.

We left straight from the last night to go to Gatwick and from there, after a flight delay, to el Gouna by the Red Sea for two weeks of sun and diving – well, for us mostly diving as we did 8 days (16 dives).

We got back last saturday morning at 3:30 … on Sunday we drove to Ilfracome to dive Lundy … the seals wouldn’t come in with us and it was a bit of a shock to the system to drop from 27 degree water to 15 and from 20 metre visability to 2 …. heh ho …