Weston Winter

Autumn is here, winter not so far away and the Westin Wheel is coming down. I’d secretly hoped it might become permanent but there you go – we rode it twice and enjoyed it – and loved seeing it lit up at night but now it will be no more.

Something else that will go from the square in front of the pier is the bloomin’ clock – thank goodness! Gosh that green clock on a pylon was so ugly. Apparently it used to sit on the front of the Bus Station in the square and was moved there when it closed – now that area is being done up big time the clock goes into storage!

Much of the front is now ripped up as the flood defences and improvements really get into a high gear, next year that whole area will look very different – wonderful.

The pier now has two barge cranes working on it as they start getting it all rebuilt.

Looks like the Tropicana may eventually be simply demolished though it’s likely to have one last lease of life as an open air venue next year. Who knows if the Henry Boot plans will ever really appear ….