Alex Epstein is a ….

Alex has today sent out a bit of a round-robin email entitled “Could Alex Epstein – one of Lord Sugar’s Apprentices feature in your Online Publication?” stating “Having recently been fired by Lord Sugar, I’m currently looking for opportunities to share some of my passion for enterprise, marketing and public relations.” The purpose of this missive was to offer us his PR and marketing services 😉

He chose to send this to hundreds of supposedly worthy and interested individuals, including yours truly, but in rather a plonker-eske way he put all the email addresses in the CC list instead of the BCC … consequently, (a) we all knew that we were being targeted as part of a group rather than for our individual strengths and (b) we all got given a free list of interesting contacts!

Now normally, when this sort of mistake is made, everyone on the list just hits  “delete” or “reply” (if they want to tell the sender they’re an idiot) but for some reason this particular communication has started a bit of a comedy hour.

Basically, people are taking the opportunity to either take the piss out of Alex or promote their own companies to the assembled throng by hitting “Reply-ALL” and giving us the benefit of their wit and wisdom.

Quite funny really, Alex will never get a job in PR/Marketing if he makes gaffs such as this but he has provided a completely free self-promotion channel to a lot of grateful people 😉

Made I smile anyway …. now, what excuse for replying can I give ….