Waiting for the Panda

Ok, lots of changes made and now to wait …

Changes made to the website might affect the SERPs reasonably quickly … the Googlebot spider is forever trawling across websites looking for new and changed materials so new items on the site can be indexed pretty quickly … by which I mean the pages will be shoved into the Google database

The Panda, however, does not run all the time. Every now and then (cycle to be determined, somewhere in the 6-8 week frame) Panda comes along and goes through the Google database weeding out what it sees as low quality sites … having done this, it goes to sleep again until the next time.

So in theory you could see a sawtooth waveform on your traffic, slow build up between Panda runs with large drops immediately after a Panda run – if this is the case then you have not yet solved the Panda problem because the best scenario is that you go UP after a Panda run and your competitors (or at least the spammers in your market segment) are the ones going down.

But to know this, you have to wait …..

Meanwhile, our good news is that our Reconsideration Request has been handled and no manual penalties were found on our site …