Yes, Prime Minister to tour in 2012

Yes, prime Minister tour dates and ticketsYes, Prime Minister, the play by Jonathan Lynn and Anthony Jay which has been wowing audiences in London, is now set for a major tour. Although we had some dates in already we have now been able to fill in the gaps of the tour which starts in January at Chichester and currently goes on till mid-May at Darlington.

In the touring version, Graham Seed plays Jim Hacker and Michael Simkins plays Sir Humphrey. Graham is perhaps best known for playing the part of Nigel Pargetter in The Archers from 1983 until the character’s death last year.

The current London production of Yes, Prime Minister which stars Simon Williams as Sir Humphrey Appleby, Richard McCabe as Jim Hacker and Chris Larkin as Bernard runs at the Gielgud until the 17th November when it ends to make way for The Ladykillers.

Antony Jay and Jonathan Lynn were, of course, the writers for the phenomenally successful TV series Yes, Minister and Yes, Prime Minister.