Traffic Update

Haven’t had much to say on website traffic this year (so far) as there is always a lull over the summer and this summer has had more lull than most thanks to the marvelous weather …

I was just doing a check back over the past few months and noticed some interesting changes. As the traffic begins to return for the autumn (to be followed by the annual panto glut) there has been a change of scenery.

No longer does Google dominate our incoming traffic, in fact Bing+Yahoo now consistently exceed Google as originators of users. More importantly, they also deliver many more “conversions”. In fact, although Google conversions have increased from 15% to 20% (having peaked at one point near 22%), both Bing and Yahoo deliver 40% conversion figures. Delta delivers over 40% and even poor old ask delivers around 25%.

This leads me to surmise that Google simply doesn’t get it … it is sending me traffic that is not as interested in my site as the traffic sent to me by other search engines.

Way to go Google ….