Gee & Elephant

Whilst writing the one-act play “Head Case” I made use of a partly written poem called “Gee and the Elephant” which had been in my ideas book for around 7 years. The poem fragment proved popular and I was encouraged to complete it which I did on a resent holiday in el Gouna (Egypt).

I am really rather pleased with it and want to see about getting it published as a children’s picture book … on reading about this it would appear that there is no requirement to find an illustrator first so I submitted it to a publishing house. Within 10 weeks I got my first reaction and felt like a real writer!

I have now submitted it to a literary agent in the hope of getting some interesting feedback. If the conclusion is “forget it” I may find an illustrator  who wants to collaborate and simply (!) self-publish.

I’m Gee
And I’m eight
And I live in a house
Which is taller than wider and not quite all ours
That’s to say it is shared, with a bell and our name by the door
And you climb up the stairs and we own the top floor.

Gee, and her cat Ginger,  meets up with an abandoned baby elephant on the roof and look after it over the winter till its herd returns….

The poem was started originally for one of my Goddaughters, who was 7 at the time … she’s now 15!