Day 1 – Boscastle to Plymouth

Off to catch the Brittany Ferry, This is a drive we do a lot as we go to the Theatre Royal Plymouth to review. Normally, of course, we just go and come back, no need for a charge on such a short journey (87 miles round trip).

This time, however, we wanted to get on the ferry as close as possible to 100% and so had planned to charge just by the terminal where there was a place, according to ZapMap. On checking this, a few days before, we saw that it was “free” to charge but we couldn’t get any details so decided to look elsewhere. Apparently, in the loading area for the ferry there are a few (slow) chargers that require the Plug-n-Go app but that app doesn’t show them on its map so another wasted effort. Finally decided to go for the ones near the theatre as it would be good to know about them anyway as we are so often there.

Leaving on a cold, wet, Cornish day the car is quite heavily loaded due to our “well, we might need it” packing strategy! As we’re not flying and not taking our diving equipment, we feel free to just pack for the fun of it!

So, we ended up leaving hoe in Boscastle with 100% and arriving in Plymouth at 80%. We charged in the Theatre Royal Plymouth car park – a bit annoying that you have to pay to park while doing it but it was convenient and traffic in Plymouth meant we couldn’t get to other chargers easily. The charger slowed considerably after 80%, more than we expected, so we drove to the ferry with 94% rather than 100%. On to Brittany Ferries boat to Roscoff!