Day 12 – Sorrento to Matera

A mere 159 miles which we could have done without charging as we started at 87%. None the less, we headed out planning on accepting our fist planned stop in around 58 miles time. Coming off the main road we found the charging point in an hotel car park – not much of a place to be honest but the charge was good. Arrived at 64% and in the time it took to have a coffee and a bun we were up to 95% where the charger cut off.

Heading off locally to find an ATM we got back on the road heading for Matera. What a road! Lots of tunnels, roadworks and super high bridges – great views if you’re not afraid of heights. The landscape changed a lot, more agricultural, rolling hills, very few towns. The part of Matera we stopped in was the new one and the charger was in a parking area behind some offices. ENEL-X again and the ChargeMap pass did not work, in fact ChargeMap doesn’t seem to work with Enel-X either for payment or for working out availability. Finally found somewhere open so had a beer and a sandwich and returned to the car at 96%.

Only a mile or so to the car park where we have to abandon the car for the next few days as old Matera is a no-drive area (well, for visitors). Taxi to our hotel, or nearly to our hotel, 80m of stairs to actually get to the hotel then 3 flights to our room – luckily we’d reduced our luggage to only cover the next few days.

Our room is fabulous, one of the old caves at the back and two sleeping areas, both with en suites. Just lovely.