Day 13 – Matera, Day 1

Although a Sunday, most of the churches, the Basilica and museums were open. We went to the Tourist Information Centre to book a tuk tuk tour but were told it wasn’t really worth it as vehicles can’t get to many of the places – turns out this was right and the interesting part of the city is so small that walking it is not a problem – except for the huge number of steps!

Went to the cistern, Basilica and several churches as well as walking the streets and eating out. This is the most extraordinary place and photos really don’t do it justice, it is like a living Escher drawing, buildings piled on buildings, some ruined, some new-ish, all fascinating. The deep gully down the middle is beautiful and the original caves, inhabited some 8,000 years (depends on which guide you listen to!) still overlook the Sassi and valley.

Met some nice Americans who had walked down to the rope bridge but bottled it and walked back, opting for a taxi to the other side later to watch the sunset.

This is a magical place.